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Our Touch of Life Wellness Program

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Everyone is affected by stress. It wreaks havoc with our lives. It affects us emotionally and physically. Even the AMA recognizes that more than 60% of all disease is stress related. But most of us don’t even realize that we have stress or that we feel stressed until our body starts to break down and hurt. Click here to see how stress affects the body: How Stress Affects The Body

The Touch of Life Wellness Program addresses these issues so that you can have the knowledge and experience to feel well and have more control over the stress in your life.
We have also developed this program for those who take a proactive approach to maintaining their health and wellbeing.

We assess your body from head to toe looking for physical signs of stress such as areas of restricted motion, regions of pain to the touch, and overly sensitive reflex responses that cause you to become startled or to withdraw from gentle touch; once found, we eliminate them by addressing the body with a gentle, non-invasive, hands on technique such as Strain-Counterstrain or Primal Reflex Release. Then with the aide of a stress relief system we will address the mental aspect by instructing you in the Quick Coherence and Heart Lock-In Techniques. They are very simple and powerful techniques that you will use to control the affect that stress has on your life. By adding these components to you current program you’ll see greater results for your efforts.


To learn how to perform The Quick Coherence Technique, one of the primary techniques we use in conjunction with the biofeedback system, click on this audio file:[mp3j track=”Quick Coherence Technique@/files/audio/quick-coherence-adults-1.mp3″ style=”outline”]


Another important component to this program is exercise. Regular exercise is crucial for the maintenance of stress reduction, so for those of you who feel the need for professional instruction in developing an exercise program that is either activity specific or for general wellness we will walk you through it step by step and offer attention to every detail.

TOLPT Wellness Program
This program provides the benefits of an in-depth analysis of current health needs, with a personalized therapy and exercise program. It includes defined goals, hands-on instruction, a home program, and email support so your progress can be maintained as you continue the activities on your own.

TOLPT Wellness Program Components:

  1. Goal Setting: What would you like to achieve?
  2. Program Development, progress monitoring, program refinement based on your specific goals.
  3. Client Education Resource to assist you in reaching your health related goals.
  4. Hands on Whole Body Physical Examination: To assess for regions of pain, limited mobility, and asymmetries throughout the spine and extremities impacting your physical wellbeing.
  5. Manual therapies to reboot your nervous system, eliminate or reduce pain and to enhance mobility.
  6. Initial Exercise Training and Home Program instruction to ensure safe implementation of the exercise program.
  7. HeartMath Em-Wave technology: A biofeedback system to address the negative physical impact of stress.
  8. Supervised Exercise Program to ensure you get the one-on-one attention to help you achieve your goals.