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We are committed to setting the highest standards to support Whole Body Health. We offer a holistic, personalized approach to address our patients' specific needs and utilize a variety of state of the art hands-on techniques and exercises to help bring the body back into a state of balance. By combining Counterstrain, Exercises, Acupuncture, and Bioenergetics the results are immediate and long lasting.

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • Dorothy

    I had SI joint pain, right thigh pain, lumbar spondylosis with much back pain when first going to Touch of Life. I went for 2 months and with gentle mobilizations of the spine, all of the discomfort and pain was relieved.
  • Annie

    Scott Dreben and the Touch of Life staff are knowledgeable, professional and experts in physical therapy. I am now back on the tennis court and hitting the gym thanks to them!