About Us

Touch of Life Physical Therapy, Inc. was established in October 2005 by Scott and Deanna Dreben.

Although we are located in West Hills, patients from Orange County to Santa Barbara come to us seeking treatment because of our treatment philosophy and our attention to detail. What differentiates our practice from other offices is our approach of looking at the body as a whole. We address not only the problem area/injury, but also how the injury affects the rest of the body.

At Touch of Life Physical Therapy, injuries are treated thoroughly because we examine the whole body. This unique approach to treatment allows our patients to return to their every day activities faster.

Whether you want to recover from an injury or surgery, increase mobility and independence, or improve athletic performance, we will help you get the long-lasting results you need and deserve. We pride ourselves on our commitment to one-on-one care. Our staff is trained in a variety of techniques to help you on your road to recovery.

No matter what your condition, our qualified therapists can design an individualized treatment protocol to address your needs. Our practice has established a reputation for quality care in orthopedics, men’s health, women’s health, and pain management.