Client Comments

"Scott what you did yesterday with the arteries on my spine was incredible! I woke up this AM and got right out of bed with no pain. After I got out, I realized how incredible this was. I has a massage today (get one once a month) and she said my back had never been so loose, she was amazed."

- Rhoda Howard

"The most disappointing part of my experience with PRRT is when a friend has severe muscle spasms and I tell him to go get PRRT treatments and they never go thinking PRRT is not much different than what their current physical therapist is doing for them. PRRT is magic and thanks to Scott I am healed permanently!"

"Touch of Life Physical Therapy has been a wonderful new experience for me. Having had chronic back pain for twenty years, I thought I knew all about physical therapy. I found a pleasant new surprise at Touch of Life. This is not your run of the mill office where everyone has the same service no matter where the pain is in your back. Every appointment is individualized for your specific problem. The hands-on therapy touches each muscle that is inflamed and works that muscle until there is relief from pain. I look forward to each appointment knowing the muscle spasms will be separately treated and I will leave feeling better."

- Carla Daruty

"Scott Dreben and the Touch of Life staff are knowledgeable, professional and experts in physical therapy. As an athlete they have helped me recover from a variety of injuries and surgeries including shoulder surgery. I am now back on the tennis court and hitting the gym thanks to them!"

- Annie Star

"I had SI joint pain, right thigh pain, lumbar spondylosis with much back pain when first going to Touch of Life. I had many epidurals, injections, blocks, all with only short-term relief. I went to Touch of Life for 2 months and with gentle mobilizations of the spine, all of the discomfort and pain was relieved."

- Dorothy Foreman

"Touch of Life has successfully treated me for neck, spine, lower back pain, leg pain (both legs) and severe arthritis all over my body. Since treatment, I have been able to function in a normal manner which includes walking, bending, and even working out. Without their help I don't know where I would be today!"

- Bob Keller

"I have been treated for the effects of post-polio syndrome at Touch of Life. The expert knowledge of physical therapy and up-to-date methods allow me to gracefully deal with my daily commitments at work and at home. They are the best at analysis and application of physical therapy. The staff is cheerful and efficient in their assignments."

- Lou Robin

"This is really hard for me to put into words. I refer to Touch of Life Physical Therapy as the physical therapists with the magic hands. It's not like any other therapy I have ever had. It's hands on for the whole treatment, plus a little extra tapping and the world looks good again. Thank you!"

- Diana Abrams

"At Touch of Life they are extremely knowledgeable, and also very caring. They never make you feel like they are rushing you through treatment. They seem to know as much as the doctors do, and are able to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. They are always able to find a way to relieve pain I have had that is stemming from my spine and other areas. I am constantly telling my family and friends how wonderful Touch of Life is and I think sometimes they must tire of hearing me rave about them! I highly recommend Touch of Life!"

- Edy Keller

I am 77 years old and what has been done for me at Touch of Life Physical Therapy cannot be put into words. For over 25 years I have been going from doctor to doctor for help on my shoulders and back, I've tried them all, from wellness centers to chiropractors. Orthopedic surgeons, and so on. I lost all hope of any cure and depression set in, with weight gain and almost no hope of a good life again. As a last resort - I was recommended to Touch of Life, made an appointment and hoped for a miracle to happen. I went for treatment and after the very first appointment 90% of all my pain left me - no drugs or shots were used, just healing hands. By the time I left the office I was able to stand up straight and walk 3 miles the next day. This I could not do prior to my first visit. I have been going for treatment 2 times a week and never felt better in my LIFE! I am now able to jet ski, walk, horseback ride, dune buggy, play tennis, and get my life back. Thank you!

- Arnold Fazekas